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How to make a tree bookcase


Decorating ideas for kids' and teens' bedrooms

From playful lighting and accessories to cool and contemporary design schemes, our kids’ bedroom ideas will inspire you to get started on a project that will transform your child or teenager’s space. Whether you want to design an unusual feature wall, introduce handy storage solutions or create an innovative art station, Julia Kendell shares some fantastic ideas for your home without breaking the bank.

Head to our video section of the press site to view the seven products in full. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to complete each project

How to create a birdhouse light wall

Painted birdhouses with lights inside create a stunning effect in a child’s bedroom, especially when you place them on a simple tree design on the wall.

Step 1:Prepare the wall to make sure the surface is smooth and ready to paint.

Step 2:Paint the wall in a colour of your choice – we’ve used Crown ‘Step Inside’.

Step 3:Allow the wall to dry thoroughly and apply Frogtape® to create a tree design on the wall.

Step 4:Paint the tree – we’ve used Dulux pure brilliant white.

Step 5:Leave the paint to dry, remove Frogtape® then use acetate, a scalpel and marker to make leaf stencils.

Step 6:Use spray mount to attach the stencils to the wall, then paint them and remove the stencils when dry.

Step 7:Ideally choose a birdhouse with mesh sides; if it has a plastic window, then remove it. Drill a hole in the base of the birdhouse and insert a wire through it.

Step 8:Attach a bulb fitting into the birdhouse and put in a small bulb, making sure it doesn’t touch the sides.

Step 9:Paint the birdhouses – we’ve used Rust-oleum chalky Dusky Pink and Lilac Wine paint.

Step 10:Fix your birdhouses to the wall with fixings relevant to your type of wall and plug in.


How to create a selfie wall

A chalkboard wall provides the perfect base for drawing selfie frames and adding personality to a bedroom.

Step 1:Prepare the wall to make sure the surface is smooth and ready to paint.

Step 2:Paint with four coats of chalkboard paint and allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 3:Use card to create templates for your frame shapes and draw the frames with liquid chalk pens. Your wall is ready to customise with a selection of images, festival tickets, postcards etc.


How to create a cheat’s graffiti wall

Cheat your way to an edgy graffiti wall using spray paints and shapes cut from ‘Peel & Stick’ wallpaper in a brick design.

Step 1:Draw out or download graffiti-font letters on plain paper and use scissors to cut out individual letter templates.

Step 2:Use this template to cut out each letter from the Peel & Stick wallpaper.

Step 3:Cut an uneven edge around the outside of the wallpaper for a ‘breakthrough’ effect.

Step 4:Prepare the wall so the surface is smooth and ready to paint.

Step 5:Paint the wall – we’ve used Crown ‘City Life’.

Step 6:Once dry draw a rectangle the size of your word on the wall where the letters will be positioned.

Step 7:Use the spray paints to create bands of colour on the wall.

Step 8:When dry, peel the backing from the wallpaper shapes and stick them straight to the wall you’ve spray painted.

Step 9:Smooth out any bubbles with a sponge or smoother.

Step 10:Hand paint highlights in white paint and draw outlines in black marker pen.


How to create a kids’ art station

Get the kids’ creative juices flowing by creating this cool art station packed with innovative features.

Step 1:Prepare the wall to make sure the surface is smooth and ready to paint.

Step 2:Paint and allow to dry thoroughly – we’ve used Rust-oleum chalkboard wall paint.

Step 3:While the wall is drying, select a picture frame that is wider than your roll of lining paper.

Step 4:Wearing a mask, spray the frame, dowel and end brackets – we’ve used Rust-oleum High Glow paint in Red Orange.

Step 5:Wait for this to dry. Fit the frame 10mm away from the wall, using fixings appropriate for your wall.

Step 6:Fit the dowel and brackets above the large frame with enough space to feed lining paper through, again using fixings appropriate to your wall.

Step 7:Fit shelves and frames to the wall where children can reach them.


How to create a mountain scene feature wall

Create a wow factor by painting a kids’ wall mural on one wall. We chose a striking mountain design and continued the theme with mountain animal coat hooks – kids will love hanging their clothes and bags on the animals’ tails.

Step 1:Prepare the wall to make sure the surface is smooth. Use Frogtape® to mask out a mountain shape and paint below it – we’ve used Crown 'Naughty step’.

Step 2:Create each stencil by drawing an animal shape, copying it onto acetate, cutting it out and spray mounting it onto a pre-painted mounting board you’ve prepared.

Step 3:Paint the stencils with pure brilliant white matt paint then use a paintbrush to add details with chalk paint.

Step 4:Wait for the paint to dry, remove the stencils then drill pilot holes and attach your hanging hooks using the fixings provided.

Step 5:Use the drill to fix the board to your wall.


How to create a teens’ feature wall

This playful, on-trend look uses wall stickers to create a simple yet striking pineapple feature wall.

Step 1: Prepare the wall to make sure the surface is smooth and ready to paint.

Step 2:Apply a couple of coats of paint. We’ve used Crown Indulgence ‘City Life’.

Step 3:When the paint is thoroughly dry use a plumb line to measure vertical lines on the wall as a guide for positioning the pineapple stickers.

Step 4:Stick them to the wall following the manufacturer’s instructions.


How to make a tree bookcase

Encourage your child’s love of books by creating a magical tree bookcase that provides a stunning focal point and handy storage too.

Step 1:Draw a tree shape onto OSB timber and cut it out using a jigsaw. Sand the edges.

Step 2:Mark positions for the shelf, drill holes and attach it to the tree.

Step 3:Attach the tree to the wall using mitred battens screwed to the wall. Use fixings that are appropriate for your wall type.

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